Past, present and future, between awareness, biological certification, adventure, courage and experimentation.

The profound evolutions that led us from Pasini Andrea to Pasini San Giovanni can be seen in our wines, polished by time and knowledge, fresh and dynamic as our courage and desire to experiment. The colors of vineyards, olive trees, bees, flowers and the many essences that draw the contours of our company are the signs of biodiversity, which we believe is the way to improve the land we care for and to promote a harmonious and healthy environment.

We believe that through agricultural sustainability we can foster environmental beauty. In Pasini San Giovanni organic viticulture practices are a good habit. Like good wine and good food.



Organic certification


Founded by Andrea Pasini in 1958 and still in the family, with its third generation of winemakers, in every one of its bottles Pasini San Giovanni expresses the unmistakable harmony of Lake Garda, thanks to their own vineyards in Valtènesi and Lugana, on the Brescia Riviera of the lake. Powered by a photovoltaic system since 2009 and guided by the experience of carbon footprint calculation, our winery and our entire company management pursue the respect of the biological environmental balance. Since 2014, Pasini San Giovanni has been definitively working its vineyards in an organic way.

Our company has a compound name, linked to both the Pasini family, that created and always led the company, and the local place name where Cascina San Giovanni — our first privately owned production unit — stands, an area known as San Giovanni and linked to the church of San Giovanni located in Palude, a district of the town of Puegnago, not far from Raffa.

Family and Generations

Native vineyards

More than 70% of our estate’s vineyards consists of native Groppello Gentile, Groppello di Mocasina and Turbiana grape varieties, without neglecting a small area dedicated to Erbamat.

Our travel companions

We are associated to the two consortia for the protection of the denominations we cultivate our vineyards in, Valtènesi and Lugana, and we are proudly part of Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti, a transversal association of independent winegrowers and winemakers who responsibly defend the land where they cultivate vineyards, produce grapes and turn them into wine, vintners who pride themselves on being deeply identified with the wine they sell and tell about.