Second son of Andrea, born in 1939. For many years the public face of Pasini San Giovanni and, together with his brother Bruno, the soul of the company. The stainless Pasini, today more than ever trailblazer of the second generation.


Son of Diego. The “frontman,” you might say, of Pasini San Giovanni. He’s always there, even when he’s not there. Or he’s never there, not even when he’s there.


Son of Bruno, he is the first real vineyard man of Pasini San Giovanni, raised with specific studies. The search for quality, experimentation and efficiency are his beliefs.


Sister of Luca, Duchess of Chiaretto. A perfect balance of feminine sweetness and edges, just like her favourite wine, Valtènesi Il Chiaretto.


The first of the third generation, daughter of Giuseppe. Fire red mane and motherly soul, she’s the connective tissue of our corporate life.


The elegant young Lady of the administration. Divided between family and work, she’s a recent lucky encounter, and yet she seems to be in the company since time immemorial.


Fresh from enology studies, he’s the youngest addition to Pasini San Giovanni. Full of energy and inclined to experimentation, for a precious and fundamental thought to the future.


Lifetime Achievement Award. Riccardo has been working with the Pasini family since he was 14. In the cellar, in the vineyard, doing deliveries and shipments: factotum par excellence, indispensable!