Andrea and Amelia Pasini open a tavern with wine for sale.


Andrea opens the first winery in via Volta in Brescia.


Bruno, Andrea’s youngest son, graduates in enology and joins brothers Diego and Giuseppe in the management of the winery.


The winery grows larger, moving to San Zeno Naviglio on the outskirts of Brescia.


With the purchase of 15 hectares of vineyards and Cascina San Giovanni, Pasini San Giovanni becomes the creator of the whole production chain, growing grapes and making wine in Raffa di Puegnago del Garda.


This is the year our first no-dosage Metodo Classico sparkling wine sees the light of day.


San Gioan I Carati is born, our first “riserva” red wine, which bears the name of Cascina San Giovanni.


This year sees the acquisition of 12 hectares of vineyards in Picedo di Polpenazze, a hamlet with a specific vocation towards the production of high-end wines.


Paolo and Luca, sons of Diego and Bruno, start the third generation of the winery.


8 hectares of land are bought and planted with vines in Peschiera, in the heart of Lugana. Finally, the company vinifies exclusively grapes of its own production.


A new and modern wine cellar, next to Cascina San Giovanni, is inaugurated.


Pasini San Giovanni turns 50 years old. As a gift to itself, it creates Centopercento Extra Brut, the first Metodo Classico sparkling wine from Groppello grapes vinified in white.


The 90 kW photovoltaic system starts to work, the company joins Ita.Ca.® – Italian Wine Carbon Calculator for the control of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and begins its biological experimentation.


Sara, sister of Luca, after experiences elsewhere joins the management of the company. Finally, we are Vignaioli Indipendenti – Independent Winemakers. From winery to wine artisans, more and more proud of what we do.


Laura is now one of us. The last one to join the third generation group is actually the first of the third generation.


Once accustomed to good agricultural practices, we start receiving our first organic certifications. Rosagreen is born. Organic right from the start, it is the first Valtènesi rosè from Groppello grapes only in the history of Lake Garda.


The tirage of Strain 326 Rosé marks a new step: for the first time, there is Erbamat, too!


Our 60th anniversary. We treat ourselves with our Suspended Vineyard, the first installation open to the public, in the courtyard of our winery.


We dedicate a small part of our “sguazza” vineyard to Prior, a new piwi variety to experiment with.


The debut of Lettera C 2019 brings to the family the first Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso for Pasini San Giovanni.
Our rosé teams up with time.