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Carbon Footprint

The year 2012 saw the culmination of our CO2 emission control programme, commenced in collaboration with Ita.Ca in 2009, with the attainment of the carbon footprint certification, as stated since last year on the labels of all our wines.

In 2012, the CSQA -Valore Italia certification institute approved and certified the complex Ita.Ca production control system applied by the Sata group since 2009, which has allowed us to analyse our company's greenhouse gas emissions, in order to identify criticalities and reduce environmental impact to a minimum. Below are the main measures adopted between 2009 and 2011 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as a result of the works performed within the scope of the Ita.Ca programme.

Carbon footprint is a useful way of raising consumer awareness on the issue of respect for the environment, and a parameter that can urge companies to optimise energy use within their production processes.

The result is a "cleaner", more responsible wine, born of the desire to obtain a high quality product that reflects the nature of the land, an asset that must be respected and safeguarded at all times.

In 2015, Jari Nicolò Lattunen completed his thesis in oenology, studying the Ita.Ca protocol and calculating our company’s 2014 carbon footprint.... Part of his excellent graduation marks are down to us!