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Pasini San Giovanni

Pasini San Giovanni was founded by Andrea Pasini in 1958 and is still run today by the family, now at the third generation of winemakers. Its every bottle reflects all the goodness of the Garda region, thanks to the 36 hectares of vineyards owned between Valtènesi and Lugana, on Brescia's side of Lake Garda. Backed by a photovoltaic system since 2009 and by a carbon footprint measurement project, the winery and the entire business is ever more geared to achieving full sustainability.
The company currently has two names, one clearly linked to the Pasini family, that created and has always managed the company, and the other linked to the name of the place in which the San Giovanni farmhouse stands, known as Località San Giovanni, after the Church of San Giovanni situated in Palude, close to Puegnago and not far from Raffa.


Good wine comes from good soil. When we inherit good soil, it is our duty to preserve it - and even improve it - for those who come after us. Local viticulture and wine should embody its location in a natural and unforced way. Alongside our investments in the vineyard and winery, starting in 2009 we began to produce our own power via a photovoltaic system mounted to the roof of the winery. We also launched a project to assess how much greenhouse gas our company produces, culminating in a carbon footprint certification in 2012.

This rigorous analysis has enabled us to identify and eliminate practices with negative environmental impacts (including chemical fertilizers and heavy bottles). By 2014, we officially converted to organic farming with the aim of promoting thoroughly natural viticulture and wine-making based on strict quality control and being deeply rooted in a balanced local ecology.

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We partner two associations protecting the Valtènesi and Lugana denominations of origin of our vines, and are proud members of Vignaioli Indipendenti, a group of independent winegrowers and winemakers who responsibly safeguard the land in which they cultivate their vines, grow their grapes, make their wine, and have put their roots.